Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City

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Embark on a new journey with a group of villagers in search of a new part of the island to populate. Land on the hidden shores of the northern side of Isola and explore what was once a secret city. Find new sources of food to nourish your villagers and help them rebuild the remains of this mysterious city. Who lived here before? Where have they gone? What is the secret of Isola?

Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Game Features:

  • Real- Time Weather! Clouds, fog and sudden down pours drenching your tribe.
  • Real-Time Gameplay: new surprises every time you turn the game on!
  • Discover who among your tribe is destined to become Chief!
  • Investigate and rebuild the remains of a ruined city!
  • Find new sources of food for your villagers!
  • Help your villagers make a variety of unique potions from hidden herbs, many with unpredictable effects.
  • Dozens of new collectibles for children to retrieve.
  • Raise children who resemble their parents.
  • Help your villagers unravel the mysteries of Isola!

Created by: Last Day of Work
New Virtual Villagers: Virtual Families

Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City GameVirtual Villagers 3: The Secret City GameVirtual Villagers 3: The Secret City Game
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can you put in the link for that VV3 v1.03 download? I can't seem to find it on their website!

Weakened villagers can be made healthier by creating a potion with one Lotus & two Cactus and having them drink it.

wrong it won't allow you to get two cactus & one lotus but will allow you to get one cactus & two lotus!

To get the honey place a villager on the dark stick at the bottom of the bee hive, they will automatically light it at the fire and smoke out the bees.

Here is a link to guides for alchemy and all the puzzles:

I can't find the magic herb!!!!! HELP!!!!

You get the "magic" herb only after buying faction 2 of either nature or magic. Once this is done it will appear beside the alchemy/research center, the small alley like way that all the children use the restroom at.

well u need to choose one of the two factions n then progress to level 2 of d same to have the magical herb....

How and the heck do i get the keys? i see the one by the rose bushes but no one can reach it ? HElpppppp

u need a special potion for it.....use d alchemy lab

to get the key above the door make the potion ROSE + LOTUS + CACTUS and have one of your villagers use it, then drag the villager next to the rose bush until it says " trying to reach something up high" the villager will then jump up and grab the key, just be patient though because though the villager looks like it is standing still as long as it says " trying to reach something up high" it just means that it is preparing to jump

to get the key above the rose bush make the potion ROSE + LOTUS + CACTUS and then have one of your villagers use the potion, and drag them right next to the rose bush until they say "trying to reach something up high" and they will jump up and grab the key

hey. it worked.. thank... now i need to get those sharks and the pearl but hev no idea... how

Is there any cheats to earn tech point? =P~

There is the most easy way in teh world to get free tech points
I require compensation for thought.


You have to download a version of Cheat Engine 5.3. Open up Virtual Villagers. once you have dowloaded it click the button at the top left of it. It will pull up a window near the bottom of the new window you should see a button named Window List. click it. Then scroll through the names until you find VV. Once you have done that it is simple.

I recomend not using full screen. then start a open a tribe. look at your food amount. type in the number into the blank space in the cheat engine then click first scan. ok there should have popped up multiple numbers in a column on the left. don't click any of them. Now you have to have a change in teh food amount so make someone eat something. then put in the next number into the cheat engine now press the Next scan button after that the whole column of numbers on teh left side of the window should only have one number on it. Double click it. It should send it to the bottom this is where you can work with it. after it is in teh bottom you must double click it again in teh column space of Value now you can change it to any number you want I prefer 100,000,000 food. Now you can do the exact same thing with your tech points.

why is it that no number appeared on the left side after my 2nd scan? its my first time to use the cheat engine and i have a problem in working on it. please help

exactly what i do....

You can turn your time PC and points will arriving if you have persons who work on the search table. Be carreful if you change your time PC. The risk is to lose villagers. You need to have villagers who work to food or everybody can died. Gook luck

ther is cheat for food and for techpoints, but i won't tell where can you download it.because its more interesting to play without cheats.

Certainly ! It's difficult to waiting for the progress but it's the game !

What do you need to do with the statue please? What do you need and how do you do it? Thanks!

Puzzle 9 - The Statue. You will need Level 3 Restoration, Level 3 Leadership, a tribal chief, a Master Builder, and a completed bath (solved Puzzle 8). Drop the Master Builder on the chalkboard (which will be blank after the bath is completed), and he/she will draw up plans for the statue. Drag an adult villager (not a nursing mom) up the path to the door until he/she "Sees a good place to anchor the statue" -- this villager is more likely to be successful if he/she has some building skill. That villager will then build scaffolding to help anchor the statue. Your chief must direct work on the statue, so drop him/her on the statue to begin this process - if the chief stops directing work, then progress will halt until you return the chief to his/her duties. Once the chief is directing, you can then drop builders on the statue to help "pushing the statue". The villagers must push the statue up the path towards the door - this will take several hours (you can click on the statue to bring up a timer in the status bar that will help you determine how long is left - but this time depends on how many builders you have working on the project and may increase if builders leave the project). Your builders may occasionally complain that "there is no more room to help out" - only a limited number of builders can work on the statue at any given time.

my statue ontop of the path but now i can't do anything. i'm trying to put my chief but he's doing nothing just like my builders

Me too. My statue is stuck toward the top of the path. Is this a glitch or part of the puzzle? HEELLLPPPPPPPPP.

there is a new version 1.04

I have the same problem.
Does anyone know how to solve it?

me too! My villager did push the ststue for a long time. suddenly they stop and the cheif went away..I try to put the cheif to there again but nothing happen!!is there any extra things I have to do!!??

if you turn your clock back 2 days and you have potion ready - it will be effective very long

anybody know how to collect pieces for the tablets in collection chart TA

You can start to move the rubble near by the bath - underneath the tablets vil show up, in time.

You can get alot of food by turning your clock back 2 days cheat cheat

how do i set my clock back by two days?

I have a problem with the statue. I've got it up to where tiger lily is but my chief has stopped directing on his own and I can't make him direct again! Is this some kind of bug?

I have the same problem. The solutions isn't really explicit. If you understand it, thanks to give me the solution.
Sorry for my english, I'm french.

you have to have version 1.03. there is a fix at the website. That will make your cheif stick.

I have this version but I tried to put it last hour. My villagers are always here, points and food, but for the statue, it's the same situation... I begin another one. It's a pity

I have the same problem. I read instructions on virtual villagers 3 site, in tips and tricks. If I understood what they mean, the chief need to leave his fonctions. I think a new chief will begin the work.
Sorry for my english and good luck. If you have another idea, I take it !


How does the lift work?

Wait until it starts to rain and place a villager on the lift.

Where is the lift

HELP!!! I need to find the spear for the alchamy lab. Please reply soon

How do I get the pearl? TY in advance :o)

you have to fix the statue

1 black orcid and 2 tiger lillys makes the villagers tired ...

How i can rebuild the ALCHEMY LAB. I got 5 pots. What now? Its still says the ALCHEMY LAB is in ruins. :(

get the dagger too

You have to find the little arrow. Then you willbe able to use it.


You need the stick ... mine was at the pile of ruble mear the bath.

BTW the black flower is the orchid ;-)