Virtual Villagers 2 - The Lost Children Tips and Tricks

Virtual Villagers 2 - The Lost Children Tips and Tricks

General Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children Tips

Finding more food - if you are running low on food, you can game the food system by sending every available villager to gather food at once. Send a mass of villagers to harvest crops or a coconut tree and you can often get far more than the normal yield for the food.

Game Speed - while playing the game, keep it at Normal or 2xSpeed. When you step away from the game for an extended period (like 24 hours or more), be sure to pause the game so all your villagers don't die.

Villager Skills - Assign skills to each villager on the villager's detail page. You can train villagers by pointing them in the direction of a task you want them to do, like farming or building.

Exploration - Gain exploration skills by sending villagers to examine every corner of the map (and all the space in between the corners).

Solving the Puzzles

- The 16 puzzles require a combination of skills in order to solve. You'll need a certain level of village technology, exploration skills, farming knowledge, and in some cases other puzzles completed prior to completing another puzzle. This list of tips provides clues for solving each of the puzzles - there are spoilers here, so don't read them if you want to be surprised.

Puzzle #1 - Build a fire in the fire pit by dragging a villager to the pile of dry wood in the southwest part of the village. After there's wood in the fire pit, have them find some dry grass west of the coconut trees. After both grass and wood are in the fire pit, drag a villager to the pit so they light the fire. The supply will need to be restocked periodically our your fire will go out.

Puzzle #2 - Build a dam to route water from the stream to a suitable farming location. After getting Level 2 Engineering, drag a villager to the rocks in the middle of the lower end of the stream. As long as you have the Engineering Tech, you will see a message about building a dam.

Puzzle #3 - Build a scarecrow to protect the crops from birds by dragging a Master Farmer to the twisted wood and vines located in the northern corner of the village. You'll need to bring supplies back to the farm area twice in order to get enough supplies to complete the scarecrow. If you don't finish construction on the scarecrow, birds will eat your crops.

Puzzle #4 - Make cutting tools to remove overgrown vegetation around the village. After acquiring Exploration Tech Level 2, drag a Master Scientist to the northern part of the village to the rocks by the twisted wood and vines. Something will be discovered and two trips will be required to make special tools.

Puzzle #5 - Master six plants located around the village. You will know each plant is mastered when a message appears on screen. Starting with the odd-looking plant just left of the very dry grass in the northwest part of the village, move clockwise toward the blue flower between the thorns and rocks. Next find the small lavender flower at the north end of the graveyard, followed by the black flowers by the waterfall. Proceed to the reddish flowers south of the dam. Close with the orangish-red flower at the south edge of the village.

Puzzle #6 - You must create the Esteemed Elder, which requires having one villager become a master in three skills. A totem is created in the village.

Puzzle #7 - Remove the algae in the ocean caused by over fishing. After achieving Farming Tech Level 3, take a Master Farmer or Master Scientist to the pond where they will gather algae eating fish used to re-populate the ocean. You will have unrestricted fishing when enough fish are returned to the sea.

Puzzle #8 - Remove vines covering the wall on the east side of the village. Get Level 3 Culture Tech and be sure to complete Puzzle #4 before dragging a villager to the vine-covered wall, the villager will begin cutting away the vines.

Puzzle #9 - Make stews for your villagers. Exploration Tech Level 2 is required, along with a cauldron from the wood pile and mastery of at least one of the special plants from Puzzle #5.

How to make a stew:

1 - Place a villager on the cauldron to put it on the fire.
2 - Place a villager on the cauldron a second time to get water for the stew.
3 - Place a villager on a mastered plant to gather herbs for the stew. (Each stew requires 3 herbs)
4 - Place a villager on the cauldron and the villager will add food to the stew.
5 - When the stew is finished, the villager will move the cauldron off the fire.

The stews have varying effects on villagers, from curing disease to making them a bit strange. Try different combinations of plants to get different results.

Puzzle #10 - Uncover the ancient covered floor in the southeast part of the village by dragging a villager with Level 3 of Engineering Tech and Exploration Tech to the location.

Puzzle #11 - Construct a hospital. Get both Engineering Tech and Medicine Tech Level 3 and a foundation will appear for the villagers to construct a hospital.

Puzzle #12 - Build a sewing hut. Get Culture Tech Level 2 and Science Tech Level 2. A foundation will appear for villagers to build on. This sewing hut allows you to change the villagers clothing.

Puzzles 13-16 are all part of the Gong of Wonder, which is the final challenge of the game. The four parts of the Gong of Wonder are:

Puzzle #13 - Take 3 Master Builders to the crate on the beach where one of the gong pieces are hidden.

Puzzle #14 - Clear thorns blocking access to the gong encasement. With Exploration Tech Level 2, clear away the thorns covering the gong encasement revealing a piece of the gong.

Puzzle #15 - Using the stew making steps from Puzzle #9, make a stew to allow a villager to dive for the sunken gong piece in the pond. Use one black flower and two orange-red flowers from the south side of the village. You can see the required herbs on the wall where you removed vines in an earlier puzzle.

Puzzle #16 - With Puzzles #6 and #10 complete, drop the totem in the center of the mosaic discovered in puzzle #10. This will assemble the gong. Bang the gong a maximum of once every 24 hours (in game time) to see what impact it has on the village.

More tips nad tricks

1) If you put a villager at the base of the stone steps, they will climb up
and jump off the ledge!

2) If you either have only one healer, no children or both, then don't let the healer eat a new stew, *unless* you know that the stew is safe. (You shouldn't let mothers or children eat it first either!)

3) when any item appears pause game then drag as many children that you have
to that item and check out what happens after you unpause the game..try to be quick, and the more kids the bigger the surprize!!!!!!!!!

4) When your villagers are running low on food, you can get "extra food". I.E. coconut tree has 10 coconuts, send every able villager to harvest coconuts (works with crops too). Until the first villager deposits the coconut (or crop) in the food bin, every villager that is trying to harvest, will still be able to. you can potentially turn 10 coconuts (or crops) into ten times that (or more).

5) If you make a stew using 3,3,3 it makes the villagers jumpy. It's quite funny!

6) When your villagers fall ill, let one of the children heal them. The child healers get to increase their ability, allowing them to be well on the road
to mastering one valuable skill, and they will only need two more master level skills to earn a totem.

7) The stew 3,3,6 flowers clockwise, restores health completely no matter how weakened or sick, including aging. the stew 2,5,5 makes everyone tired.

8) In the beginning of the game keep the population low. Only one or two females at the most should have children at one time....that way there will always be one child (or two at the most) to pick up the kids items.
Work on building fire, build damn and then as soon as damn is constructed build scarecrow (right away) that way the birds don't have time to eat the crops. Work on slowly increasing population and train a few builders, farmers and mostly scientists so tech points will grow faster. Try to save all tech points up to get farming to level 3....clean the ocean with algae eating fish. Once the water is restored, you can go baby making crazy (lol) and the rest of the puzzles can be completed successfully.

9) Try making the stew with combination 5+5+6 and the villagers will exercise! =]

10) When the vilager finds A mirror & you have to chose A magic Word there is two to pick the top one makes him old the bottem word will clone him then you will have two of the same person.

11) using herbs 3+3+6 in stew will completely heal any villager that eats it.

12) In both Virtual Villagers 1 and 2, you can put your villagers together and when it says "going inside", if your population goes up then she will carry a baby. Simply break your villagers up and she will have a baby without having to waste time going inside. You can put them together and
break them up several times before she will get pregnant, but it saves time rather then having them going inside each time.

13) the beginning of the game dont have alot of babys just have maybe 2. If you have one and there are older kids by maybe 3 years they will be lonly alot so always have at least 2. Also a year in the game is an hour in real life.

14) Just a lil bit to add- always play with your volume on because when you hear a faint jingle- very similar to the sound of wind chimes- this means that either a pebble, butterfly, shell , beetle or mushroom has magically appeared on the island. You must immediately search round the whole island for the item. LOOK HARD! when you have found it, drag a child straight to it. Shells are always found on the beach front, beetles are always found in the vine- thorny area, pebbles are always found at the ruin floor area that was once flooded with water. You will only find beetles when you have cleared the thorns and you will only find pebbles when you have built the dam. Butterflies appear randomly whereever they wish, sometimes at the village centre. They are the hardest to find so keep your eyes open and your ears alert for the jingles!

15) If you don't want to have to worry about setting up couples to make babies. Just put one girl's preference as "parent" and then she will initiate until she becomes a mom and will continue to initiate (often with the same guy) throughout the game.

16) Keep picking up collectible items, even if you already have that particular one. If you already have it, you get tech points (at least 100) each time you pick another one up. As soon as you see one, press the space bar to pause game, then find a child to pick it up. The tech points can really add up!

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